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We are young, powerful and vibrant online B2B marketplace for manufacturing companies. Our unique service provides unlimited access to a directory of Indian manufacturers, as well as a suppliers directory in India. We have grown exponentially and provide support to manufacturers in India, well beyond the scope of traditional b2b trade websites. Many manufacturers in Delhi NCR, as well as other major cities have taken advantage of our website service to grow their companies at an unprecedented rate. KonnectSell has been instrumental in maximizing the potential of our clients business operations across the entire supply and manufacturing spectrum, be it primary or secondary.

About Us

While traditional B2B growth has slowed down in many industries, when it comes to the online B2B marketplace, India has an immense untapped potential. Using our comprehensive B2B business directory, we help find suppliers in India for almost all verticals of manufacturing industries. Our revolutionary subscription-based service has the potential to reach and connect manufacturers in India with the right supplier base at the right time. The KonnectSell team consists of professional advisors and consultants with many years of industry exposure and domain expertise, all working towards the success of our clients.

Whether your company focus is supply or manufacturing, we invite you to join the KonnectSell family and take your business to the next level.

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